Bar Chi Sushi disappoints with lackluster menu, service

April 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Reduced price appetizers, drinks, maki rolls, and sushi
Mon – Wed 3-7pm
Thurs-Sat 3-7pm, 10-12am
All day Sunday

Bar Chi's lychee martini is very strong for a seemingly fruity drink. | Photo by TPham

Today I went to Bar Chi Sushi’s all-day Sunday happy hour with relatively high hopes; after all, it is ranked number one on Yelp’s Austin Happy Hours. To my disappointment, it did not hold up to my expectations.

Located near Second Street and Colorado, my girlfriends and I decided to go there for dinner only to find that it was almost impossible to find parking and since there was no valet, we simply parked in a nearby parking lot, which cost $7.

Right off the bat, the hostess told us the wait was 10-15 minutes; however, as time passed, it seemed that he had forgotten about us because there were several empty tables. Once we reminded him again, he promptly sat us down in the indoor seating area, which I thought was very nice.

The happy hour menu was a decent size—there were about 7 items per list of sushi, maki rolls, drinks, and appetizers. We wanted to try the agedashi tofu for the appetizer, but the waitress told us that they were out. We opted for the gyoza, which were dumplings, edamame and fried calamari; each dish ranged from $3-4.50. I then got the Austin and spicy tuna maki rolls, which were $4 and $4.50, respectively. The delicious gyoza had about 6 dumplings, and we liked  them so much that we ordered another one. The edamame was heavy on salt, but the fried calamari was really tasty. I found both maki rolls to be mediocre—the spicy tuna wasn’t as fresh as I wanted it to be and the Austin roll was a little bland even though there was spicy tuna on it.

The interior of Bar Chi. | Photo by TPham

We ordered an apple martini, lychee martini and a cosmopolitan, which were $4 each. They were all very strong, especially the lychee martini. The sake bombs, which were $1.50, oddly came in plastic cups.

Halfway through our meal, someone from a nearby table broke a glass on the ground, but no employees cleaned it up until about 5-10 minutes later. I found this completely unacceptable.  Our water was never refilled (we had to ask someone to do it every time), the sushi was mediocre, the drinks were okay—I really wanted to like this place, but I actually give Bar Chi a thumbs down.


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