The Frugal Drinker is dedicated to finding cheap (and awesome) happy hour specials in and around the city of Austin, Texas. Created by four fun-lovin’ journalism students from the University of Texas at Austin with small wallets, bottomless pits for stomachs, and a love for drinks the size of Texas, these ladies hope to bring you daily updates of happy hour spots that will have bank account singing in the rain. This site encourages responsible drinking (and spending).

What us to try a new spot? Email us at thefrugaldrinker@gmail.com

Meet your writers:

Ambika Singh
Ambika is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin.  She is getting a degree in Multimedia Journalism and Spanish (Hispanic Studies).  Throughout her years at the university, she has taken courses in photography, visual design, and multimedia.  She has also studied music since the age of five.  In her spare time, Ambika loves traveling.  In 2010, she spent five months in Argentina studying culture and the Spanish language.

Rachel Levi
Rachel is a Multimedia Journalism major at the University of Texas at Austin and upon her graduation in May, she intends to move to Los Angeles.  Her goal is to work in TV/film/online production and post-production in the news or entertainment industry. Aside from her professional goals, she loves to travel. she has been to over 40 countries and her experiences abroad essentially are what led her to her professional goals. She is definitely a people person and loves making new friends and having new experiences.

Thu Pham
Thu is a graduating senior at the University of Texas at Austin who is leaving this May with dual degrees in government and multimedia journalism. Born in Vietnam and raised in Houston, food has always played a central role in defining her memories, from family picnics to holiday dinners to college potlucks. Her hobbies including Wikipedia-bingeing, learning (yes, learning), music, and photography. She studied art and photography abroad in Italy during the summer of 2010. She is currently a music design intern at DMX and a copy editor at The Daily Texan.

Shamoyita Dasgupta
Shamoyita is a Multimedia Journalism major at the University of Texas at Austin. She’s was born in New York but has lived in Austin for the last 16 years and considers herself an Austinite. She’s been learning classical Indian dance since the age of 5 and performs on campus with a classical Indian dance troupe.  In her spare time, she likes to read and goof off on the Internet. Mostly importantly, though, she likes to sleep whenever she can.


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