Happy Hour: The only way I ever want to drink again

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Before we began this blog, I was never one to suggest happy hour. The idea of going never really crossed my mind, because I associated drinking with being more of a nighttime activity than an afternoon or early evening activity.

As this project progressed, I came to appreciate happy hour more. One of the major benefits, first of all, is the cost. One of the things I really hate now about going downtown is how easy it is to spend money on drinks that are often poorly made and end up tasting like rubbing alcohol. Although I probably need to take a short break from happy hours, simply because I went to so many over this period of time, I realize now how much more cost efficient it is.

The taste of the drinks was also another major factor in making me realize how much I appreciate happy hour now. Nearly every restaurant that I went to had well-made drinks that I actually enjoyed consuming, rather than tasting like the aforementioned drinks from downtown.

Especially in the last couple of months, I have had less and less interest in going downtown on the weekends because of the crowds, many of whom are clearly underage and often don’t know how to hold their alcohol very well. Happy hour offers the perfect solution for me now and I’m glad that this project sort of forced me to realize how much better of an alternative it is, especially as I get closer to graduating and no longer being a college student.


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