The Best Salad Dressing I Have Ever Had

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mother’s Café & Garden

Today I went to Mother’s Café & Garden, as I usually do at least once every two weeks, to check out their Happy Hour. To my surprise though, Mother’s does not have a Happy Hour! While this restaurant, located in the heart of what is considered to be one of the oldest neighborhoods in Austin, has an amazing Vegan menu, I was somewhat disappointed to find out they did not have Happy Hour.

Entrance to Mother's Cafe & Garden

In response to when I asked them what their Happy Hour specials were, the host told me they do not have Happy Hour, but that their drinks are “pretty reasonably priced to begin with”. While the host may feel this way, I would have to disagree. If he is comparing their drink prices to other restaurants in Austin who have Happy Hour, then the answer is no, the drinks at Mother’s are not reasonably priced. But if the host was comparing it to how expensive the meals are at Mother’s, then I guess the drinks would be considered somewhat well priced. All the drinks on the menu at Mother’s are around $3.25 to $4.50. If you are planning on only ordering one drink then this price is OK. But, this does not seem reasonable if you are planning on having more than one drink. If you are looking for a place to go and have a few drinks with your friends I would not recommend Mother’s to you for that specific occasion.

Nevertheless, because of the fact that I never really got to enjoy Happy Hour at Mother’s, instead I will give a basic review on the restaurant, since I do feel that Mother’s is definitely worth your time if you are looking for a good place to eat.

My roommates told me about Mother’s at the beginning of this year and would always say how good their salads are, in particular they would go on and on about the salad dressing that Mother’s uses. So I went to Mother’s for the first time in September 2010. When I got there I had no idea what to order so I got exactly the same thing my roommate got: the Garden Path Salad with the Cashew Tamari dressing to start and the Spinach Quiche for my main entrée, which comes with fruit on the side.

All the food I ordered was delicious, but I feel the need to go into the amazingness of the salad. I have never been a salad person. I would only order salad to force myself to be healthy, and I would usually go with a Caesar Salad, which in the end is not so healthy. The Garden Patch Salad at Mother’s Café & Garden, with their home made Cashew Tamari dressing is literally to die for. This dressing made me obsessed with eating salad. Luckily, if you want to buy the dressing to make the salad at home, Mother’s sells the dressing at Fresh Plus supermarket, which is located directly across the street from the restaurant.

While I could go on forever about how amazing and delicious this salad is, I will spare you the details and leave it to you to decide.

Now to get into the prices at Mother’s, which is definitely a sore subject to bring up after boasting about how great the food is. Mother’s is definitely on the pricy side. While this restaurant is pretty casual, the prices match up more so to a restaurant you would probably go to on a Friday or Saturday night. The appetizers or starters are usually around $3.50 for a regular size and $7.95 for a large size. While $3.50 may not seem too expensive for a regular size, keep in mind the regular size is pretty small. The entrées usually range from $7 to $10. However, in defense to what some may perceive as an expensive menu, Mother’s Café & Garden is a totally Vegan restaurant and they have their own garden in back of the restaurant where they use all of their specially grown lettuce and vegetables for the salads. So going back to the salad conversation, the salad is probably one of the freshest tasting salads I have ever eaten in my life so while $7 may feel a little pricy for a small salad, in my opinion it is worth every penny.

I give this restaurant a thumbs-up overall, but a thumbs-down for not having Happy Hour. I feel that if Mother’s would consider creating a Happy Hour, it could really create a lot more business for the restaurant.

Mother’s Café & Garden — 4215 Duval Street — Austin, TX 78751-4341 — (512) 451-3994


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