Freddie’s Place $2 drinks are almost too good to be true

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Weekdays 4-7pm, all day Monday
Half price appetizers
$2.00 Well Drinks
$2.00 Frozen Margaritas
$2.00 Frozen Jack & Lemonade
$2.00 Tall Boys (Lone Star, Hi-Life & PBR)

The backyard area of Freddie's Place was buzzing with activity during happy hour. | Photo by Thu Pham

The frozen Jack & lemonade was disappointing, but nonetheless cheap. | Photo by Thu Pham

I don’t know if I’m speaking too soon by saying that Freddie’s Place might just be my new favorite happy hour joint. Located on south 1st St between Monroe St. and Annie St., Freddie’s is a super casual American comfort food restaurant with good, simple food and drinks, a huge backyard and tons of fun events.

I went here with my roommates on Friday for happy hour and was overwhelmed at how packed it was—the place was buzzing with activity, live music and tons of pets roaming around in the backyard. The frozen lime margarita was a good size—not tiny, not exactly a red solo cup either. The Jack & lemonade was good, but there seemed to be more ice than drink. We slurped everything we could and there was a chunk of ice at the bottom. It also tasted overwhelming like Splenda, so I wasn’t too big of a fan.

The "three amigos" was a mere $4.50. | Photo by Thu Pham

The biggest win for Freddie’s, hands down, is their half off appetizers. The well-sized portions of chicken tenders, wings, and chips and dip were incredibly affordable—all the appetizers were under $5. I would highly recommend Freddie’s if you just want to chill outside (or inside) with cheap drinks and even cheaper food.

The 16 piece buffalo wings were extremely saucy and under $7. | Photo by Thu Pham


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